Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Dip-Dye-Diaries - Button Down

Hola! Everyone's done it but I couldn't resist, I love it and its super cheap and easy.
This is a lovely shirt that I was donated, a small male button down from Burtons that's a gorgeous sky blue with baby pink cuffs.

Just a quick overview of what I did.
  • I tied off how much I wanted to dip dye with an elastic band, filled up half a bucket with boiling water and added half a bottle of cheap thick bleach from ASDA.
  • Starting from the bottom I put 5ish cm of the shirt into the bleachy water for 10 minutes, then put 5 more cm in for 10 and so on until I'd reached the elastic band, keeping it down with a coat hanger.
  • After I'd finished I washed it with cold water to get all the bleach off.

Normally this would have left an ombre effect running from the bottom upwards,except this shirt decided to be unbelievably hench and the colour didn't budge. Annoyed I left it in the bucket over night scrunched up to clear up the next day, and this is what I was left with. 
A beautiful cloudy patchy pink - SO HAPPY.
This will almost defiantly not work for all shirts though, but i would recommend if you have a nasty one leave it and see what happens!


Monday, 2 July 2012

Going Ombre

Had been um-ing and ah-ing about doing this for such a long time, I always loved it on other people but was never quite sure if it would look nice on me.
Finally I just did it, and I can't explain how happy I am with how it came out.
All down to this bad boy (Jerome Russell Bblond - Superdrug £6ish) and my boy Katherine.

How To

The process was pretty easy, it just took a long time, all credit to the poor people you convince to do this for you becasue it really is easiest and best if you don't do it yourself.

After mixing all the ingredients into a bright blue Amonia soup I worked out how far I wanted it to go up. Then from the bottom upwards Katherine put on the dye, coating about 5cm up, leaving it for 10 minutes, coating 5cm further up, leaving it for 10 minutes and so on. This made sure the colour faded into my tips rather than there being a blond block of hair at the end.

By the time we'd finished, the very bottom 5 cm of my hair had been bleaching nicely for 35 minutes. At this point with the bleach coloured gloves, katherine ran her fingers roughly through my hair near the top, giving me some nice highlights that faded into the ombre at the bottom, then waited another 10 minutes.

So after 45 minutes, and a good wash, this was the webcam-result!

Wonderful and beautiful and non-coppery and fiery ombre goregousness! (in my PJ's)
Do it yourself right now!