Other Details

This is just a few things I wanted to mention about me and this blog!

Posting is is a hobby I am begining to love! But you can't always do what you want all the time, I will post as often as I can but don't sue my for periods!

All the reviews on my blog are honest and I would never accept money or bribes to ensure good feedback! If I am sent any products to review, I will always let you know clearly, and take into consideration how much it would cost to buy, and if I would buy it myself.


I use a lot of images and videos to enrich my posts, and always credit the source at the bottom of the page that will direct specifically to the image I've used and its location. If you are unhappy with me using your content however please contact me and I will take it down immediately. I only use these resources to create a better reading experience, I don't intend to infringe any copyright regualtions and will never claim that the content is mine!

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