Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Art Trail 'Gangster Route'

I took a trip with my mum who looked completely and utterly adorable to Chelmsford to take a quick look at the Art Trail.
Its a little route hidden away that I only noticed when I was staring out of the train window.
They do an Art Trail every year, and you follow a route around the town and look at all the local art!
This is a section that has been left, and they're all on boards that surround the building sites in that area. 
I love, love LOVED it, if you can, come and see these beauties in person.
I'm not usually that interested in graffiti, but there's something about this that is just gorgeous!
These are only some of my favourites, more after the break.

It goes on and on and on, it took us 20 minutes to get round!

Mumma B had a great time as you can see. I love the fact it wasn't all just traditional graffiti writing, there were great images and patterns as well.

This is by far my favourite, the detail on the face is unbelievable!

This guy sums up how I felt about the trip. I bowled it like a hipster on the way home

If you want to take a look the trail is right by Chelmsford station, message me if you want extra directions!

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