Sunday, 25 March 2012

Todays 4 Pretty Things

Pretty Feet

Socks - Sports World Hiking Socks: £2
Shoes - Ebay: £6

Pretty Hilarious 

Character on  'House of the Dead Overkill' aka the most retro zombie shooting experience on Nintendo called 'Papa Caesar' who looks exactly like Cesar Millan.

Pretty Tasty

Homemade Mega Jam Tart.

Pretty Sweet Deal

Superdrug - 4 bottles of Tresemme Colour Thrive Brunette: Reduced to 49p each.



  1. Great blog dear,it's really cute!!!
    And you're right,Caesar looks exactly like Cesar Millan!xDD

    1. That is so sweet thank you so much! I just took a sneaky peak at your March Purchases post and am in love with your style, I approve of those bright Spring colours! I am also feeling time speed up a bit, it feels like I've been on the fast track this past year.
      Love x

  2. those shoes are gorgeous! - and that shampoo was such a bargain! hah, lovely blog :) xo

    1. Thanks a lot :)! I think they might have origionaly come from Primark, I see at least 4 people wearing them a day. By the way I am so jelous of your ombre hair, I've been considering it for a while but don't really know if I could pull it off!
      Love x