Thursday, 29 March 2012

Trip to the Tea Room

I skipped a day of college today (I have pre-Easter-Holiday blues) which was stupid I know but the sun was giving me a big warm hug and I thought I better enjoy myself before the Exam stress kicks in.
After Mumma B had got back from work me and her went to the tea rooms in our village, and also the most beautiful and homely vintage shop, that I will introduce you to soon.
More after the Break.

  • Shirt - Borrowed 
  • Cardigan - cut up grey men's jumper - Tesco: £6
  • Shoes - black leather effect flats - Tesco : £6
  • Bag - Matalans: £6
  • Earrings - small black rose studs - Superdrug: £1  

Tea in the 'Glass House'. We were surrounded by pensioners so we grabbed some crusty brown rolls from the bakery and I made us some manly sandwiches.

This is just one of the things I bought from my new favourite thrift/vintage shop called  'A Little Bazaar'. It is exactly like the attics you of abandoned houses you see in films that are crammed full of every single thing you could possibly think of. You just hunt through tiny rooms full of treasures and find amazing things!
This is just a sneak peak of something a bought.
Its a little oriental style hand painted ceramic pot with an absolutely gorgeous design that I got for £2.50! It's so dainty and elegant.
I'm going to visit next time and hopefully the wonderful man that owns it will let me take some pictures.
As soon as we walked in he said hello and offered us a cup of tea, it is my most favourite place.

Mum donning the visors, so chic!


  1. Well, sometimes a girl just needs a break right? ;) Do you know the name of the artist who paints on chewing gum?



  2. So true :) and his name is Ben Wilson.
    Here's a really great interview with him :