Thursday, 22 March 2012

Dressing Up 22-03-2K12

There was gorgeous weather in England today, my knees demanded exposure. 
Here are the stupidly cheap threads I wore to college.
Spring is my BFF.

Hello pasty legs.

  • Jumper - Thrifted: £2.50
  • Shirt - Thrifted: £1
  • Shorts - Cut from old trousers
FYI: I use the word Thrifted now because a) It sounds like I hunted my clothes down in a dramatic way and b) Americans say it how it is.

  •  Necklace - Small Jewellery shop in Southend: £1
That badboy has the best plastic stone rip-offs I have ever seen.
Pairing high necklaces with collared shirts is my favourite thing to do at the moment. 
Had to pin between the buttons to avoid the awkward 'boob hole' however, I hope that makes sense because that could sound dangerous. 
  • Shoes - Ebay: £5
  • Cheeky tattoo show
I have a tattoo on my leg which I'll post about soon, it is actually black but my tights are making it look a little lighter. 
I suncreamed this guy quite a bit before letting him out.

  • Nails - Collection 2000 'Angel Wings' from Superdrug : £1.79
  • Ring - Dorothy Perkins: £1
I am defiantly on the hunt for more cut-out rings.

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